Interested in submitting your own story?


If you have been affected by a cavernous malformation personally or as a family member or friend, please consider submitting your experiences for our site. Your story may include whatever aspects of the illness experience you feel have been important to you. This is not limited to, but could include the story of your surgery experiences, symptoms and diagnosis, recovery and disability experiences, parenting or spouse experiences, workplace or community issues, or health care provider/patient relationships.

We will publish the stories as they are submitted, editing for spelling but not for grammar. We will contact you if we feel we need to edit for medical accuracy, and will not do so without your permission. Your story will be published with your name. Please let us know whether you would like your email address to appear with your story. This would allow readers to make contact with you with questions or to share their experiences.

Also, please consider sending periodic updates to your story. These will be added to your original story with the date of submission. We encourage international submissions, however please state country/place of origin.


Please submit your story via email. We appreciate your sharing a picture as well, but this is not required. Personal stories can help others cope and give hope.
Thanks for sharing!